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Platform: XBox 360

Genre: Classics
Release date: November 30th, -0001
Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade

List of achievements:

Unlocked June 20th, 2021 at 21:50

Blaster Master 100

Destroy 100 air-based enemies!

Unlocked June 20th, 2021 at 21:50

Bomber 30

Destroy 30 ground-based enemies!

40,000 Points

Score 40,000 points.

100,000 Points

Score 100,000 points.

Andor Genesis

Destroy Andor Genesis!

Blaster Master 500

Destroy 500 air-based enemies!

Bomber 100

Destroy 100 ground-based enemies!

Special Flag

Reveal a Special Flag!

Sol Citadel Revealer

Reveal a Sol Citadel!

Sol Citadel Destroyer

Destroy a Sol Citadel!

Sol Citadel Diviner

Reveal 3 Sol Citadels!

Sol Citadel Diviner Master

Reveal 5 Sol Citadels!

Total: 10pts.