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Platform: PlayStation 2

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Release date: October 29th, 2001
Developer: Gearbox Software, Valve Corporation
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

List of achievements:

Unlocked May 24th, 2023 at 20:12
5pts. 5pts.

Certified Hazard Course Graduate

Complete all tasks in the Black Mesa Hazard Course.

Unlocked May 27th, 2023 at 06:30
1pts. 1pts.

A Red Letter Day

Now arriving at: Sector C Test Labs. (Complete Black Mesa Inbound)

Unlocked May 29th, 2023 at 21:03
2pts. 2pts.

Friend of Ramsay

"Cook" Dr. Magnusson's Microwave Casserole.

Unlocked May 29th, 2023 at 21:11
3pts. 3pts.

The Right Man in the Wrong Place

Cause a Resonance Cascade. (Complete Anomalous Materials.)

MiT Dropout

Die while testing the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.

Barney's Private Reserve

Gain access to the guard station in Unforeseen Consequences.

Save Our Souls

Please get to the surface as soon as you can! (Complete Unforeseen Consequences on any difficulty.)

Ground Zero Hero

Complete Unforeseen Consequences on Hard.

Raising The Bar

Beat Unforeseen Consequences on Hard while only picking up the Crowbar.

That's a Beer I Owe Ya

In Office Complex, Save Barney from an untimely death.

Clocking Out Early

What if the world finds out what we were doing down here..? (Complete Office Complex on any Difficulty.)

Hostile Takeover

Complete Office Complex on Hard.

Thank God for That Hazard Suit!

Complete Office Complex without ever going below 100 HP. (Suit Charge is fine.)

Cover Up

They're coming for us, it's our only way out! (Complete We've Got Hostiles on any Difficulty.)

Abandon Hope

Complete We've Got Hostiles on Hard.

Quadrazid Would Be Proud

Complete "We've Got Hostiles" in under 32:00 In-Game Time. (Quicksaves Allowed) (Skip Not Allowed)

Perhaps I Overreacted

Skip "We've Got Hostiles".

Calamity Calamari

Be quiet. This thing hears us. (Complete Blast Pit on any Difficulty.)

Killer Kraken

Complete Blast Pit on Hard.

Bright Spark

That train'll take us to the surface.. (Complete Power Up on any Difficulty.)

Power Surge

Complete Power Up on Hard.

Crazy Train

Oh yeah, he'll pay. He will definitely pay. (Complete On A Rail on any difficulty.)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Complete On A Rail on Hard.

Off A Rail

After the first load zone, finish "On A Rail" without interacting with any trains. (Quicksaves Allowed)

Lights Out

We got 'im. Let's kill him now! (Complete Apprehension on any difficulty.)

Captive Freight

Complete Apprehension on Hard.

Carbon Footprint

Work safe, work smart. Your future depends on it. (Complete Residue Processing on any difficulty.)


Complete Residue Processing on Hard.

Playing God

I'm warning you, it's hell out there.. (Complete Questionable Ethics on any difficulty.)

Area 51

Complete Questionable Ethics on Hard.

Army of One

Come in! Cooper, do you copy? (Complete Surface Tension on any difficulty.)

Live For Nothing, Or Die For Something.

Complete Surface Tension on Hard.


We are cutting our losses and pulling out! (Complete "Forget About Freeman" on any difficulty.)

Last Man Standing

Complete "Forget About Freeman" on Hard.

Quantum Leap

It's ready! You must go, now! (Complete Lambda Core on any difficulty.)

Doctor Manhattan

Complete Lambda Core on Hard.

Space Odyssey

If you don't wipe it out, there won't be much for you to come home to.. (Complete Xen on any difficulty.)

Far Above The World

Complete Xen on Hard.


Can you imagine what the next stage of mutation looks like? (Complete Gonarch's Lair on any difficulty.)

Krabby Splatty

Complete Gonarch's Lair on Hard.

Toy Soldiers

The last.. I am the last.. (Complete Interloper on any difficulty.)

Dead Spaceman

Complete Interloper on Hard.

The One Free Man

...? (Complete Nihilanth on any difficulty.)

Destroyer of Worlds

Complete Nihilanth on Hard.

Employee of The Month

Accept G-Man's offer.

Redundancy Package

Decline G-Man's offer.

Up For Promotion

On a new save, beat Lambda Core on Hard within 02:00:00. (Quicksaves Allowed.) [In-Game Time]


Cheats Enabled, Achievements Disabled. (Unless Specified by Achievement.)


Complete "Lambda Core" as a Vortigaunt. (Alien Cheat Enabled.)

Impulse 101

Have every weapon in your inventory at once.

Freeware Fighter

Complete Half-Life: Uplink. [Read Description]


Complete Half-Life: Uplink on Hard. [Read Description]

Total: 22pts.