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Final Fantasy II

Platform: SNES

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Release date: November 23rd, 1991
Developer: Square
Publisher: Squaresoft

List of achievements:

Unlocked May 2nd, 2023 at 16:02
10pts. 10pts.

Unexpected Consequences

Deliver the package to the Village of Mist

New Leader

Find out who the new leader is for the Red Wings

Ruby Rose

Save Rosa from Desert Fever

Wind Defense

Attempt to defend the Air Crsytal

Rotting Earth

Defeat the Fiend of Earth, Milon

True Power

Attain the power of the Paladin

Water Imposter

Defeat the fiend of water, Kainazzo, and obtain your first airship

Metal Impaired

Defeat the Dark Elf and get the Crystal of Earth back

Unnecessary Sacrifice

Defeat Valvalis and escape the Tower of Zot

Summoning a Surprise

Defend the Dwarves Crystal from Golbez

More Sacrifice

Escape the pursuit of the Red Wings


Fail on the mission to acquire the seven crystals

Biding His Time

Have the eighth crystal lost by a friend

Moon People

Gain access to the moon

The Harder They Fall

Defeat the Giant of Bab-il

King and Queen of Baron

Defeat Zeromus and bring peace to the world.


Gain Asura's approval for Rydia

Sea Serpent

Gain Leviathan's approval for Rydia.


Prove to Odin that you are worthy of his power.

King on the Moon

Prove your worth to Bahamut.

Outstanding Knight

Defeat all the forms of Zemus without Cecil getting KO'd.

Total: 20pts.