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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Platform: SNES

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Release date: March 9th, 1996
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: Nintendo

List of achievements:

Unlocked December 23rd, 2021 at 13:22
1pts. 1pts.

Legend of the Seven Stars

Watch the opening demo movie.

Unlocked December 23rd, 2021 at 13:16
2pts. 2pts.

Save the Princess?

Defeated Bowser.

Unlocked February 19th, 2022 at 18:35
2pts. 2pts.

Save the Princess?

Defeated Bowser.

Unlocked December 23rd, 2021 at 13:42
5pts. 5pts.

Them and Their Hammers

Defeat the Hammer Bros.

What's This Pointy Thing?

Collect the Blue Star Piece.

Solve the Forest Maze

Collect the Green Star Piece.

Liberate the Mines

Collect the Orange Star Piece.

Wish Fulfilled

Collect the Purple Star Piece.

Call Me Captain Mario

Collect the Indigo Star Piece?

Indigo Star Piece Take Back

Get back the Indigo Star Piece.

Red Star Piece

Collect the sixth Star Piece.

Closing Time

Collect the Yellow Star Piece after shutting down Smithy's Factory for good.

Meet Croco

Defeat Croco, the crocodile thief, at least for now..

Beware the Flood

Defeat Belome in Kero Sewers.

Whomp Croco, again

Defeat Croco, the crocodile thief, a second time.

Whomp Booster [m]

Win the optional battle against Booster, when caught behind the curtains.

Do I amuse you?

Defeat Grate Guy and Knife Guy on the top of Booster's Tower.

Wedding Crasher

The cake is a lie.

Whomp King Calamari

Defeat King Calamari.

Whomp Johnny

Defeat Captain Johnny.

Time for Dinner

Defeat Belome in his temple.

Whomp Megasmilax

Defeat the Megasmilax.

Play with Birdo

Defeat the Birdo that came out of its egg.

Correct Nimbus Land

Defeat the so-called Queen of Nimbus Land.

Whomp Czar Dragon

Defeat the fire dragon and his skeletal form.

Magikoopa Ally

Save a Magikoopa from his brainwash.

Sucked Up

Fight Exor until he gets teary-eyed and sucks you into the Factory.

Jesters and Snakes

Defeat Cloaker and Domino.

Time to Win

Defeat Count Down and its Ding-A-Lings.

Supervisor Clobberer

Defeat the Clerk, Manager, Director, and the Factory Chief.

Pandorite's Box

Defeat Pandorite, the trick Treasure Box at Kero Sewers.

Hidden Piranha Plant

Defeat Hidon, the trick Treasure Box at the Sunken Ship.

Box Fight

Defeat Box Boy, the trick Treasure Box at Bean Valley.

Gooey Monster Chest

Defeat Chester, the trick Treasure Box, when revisting Bowser's Keep.

Culex's Challenge

Defeat Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda.

Caught Mokura

Defeat the gas cloud, Mokura.

Mario Sensei

Completely defeat Jinx and take over the dojo

Quick to Kill

Defeat an elusive Shy Ranger

Art of Balance

Collect the Masher at Booster's Tower.

The Mario Behind the Curtain

Find the magical curtain in Booster's Tower that makes you feel young again.

Curtain Sneak [m]

Don't let Booster notice you're behind his curtains.

Booster's Little Secret

Find the secret area in Booster Pass and take all of the treasure there

Forest Secret

Find the treasure haven from the forest maze.

Sunken Secret

Find the hidden room and get the Safety Ring in the Sunken Ship

Please Gamble Responsibly

Enter Grate Guy's Casino.

Mom He's Looking at Me!

Win the Star Egg from Grate Guy in the Casino

Gambling Addict

Win a game of Slots and Blackjack in a single play session

Raising Sheeps

Get Sheep Attack Item

The Unmentionables [m]

Find toadstool's '???'.

Amphibious Wisdom I

Obtain Mallow's FroggieStick from Frogfucius.

Alto Member

Recieve the Alto Card from the composer, Toadofsky.

Sleepy Hero I

Have a chat with Link.

Win her Heart [m]

Receive a Kiss from Toadstool at Booster's Wedding.

Invasion of Privacy!

Invade Mallow's privacy on Star Hill.

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Find Luigi's wish on Star Hill

Sunken Treasure

Find the secret frog coin in Sunken Ship.

Sleepy Hero II [m]

Meet up with Samus, who's resting up for Mother Brain

Shortcut in the End

Find the hidden shortcut in Land's End to Kero Sewers

Amphibious Wisdom II

Give the Cricket Jam to Frogfucius, for some allowance!

Goomba Thumper

Score at least 35 points in a game of Goomba Thumping.

Jump Man

Power up your Jump skill to 50 power

Super Jump Skills

Using the Super Jump skill, land at least 30 hits.

Where's My Super Suit

Perform 100 consecutive Super Jumps to deserve a Super reward

Booster Flowers [m]

Pick up at least 7 Flower Tabs on Booster Hill.

Minecart Top Dog

Go through a mine cart ride in under 2 minutes, 16 seconds.

Learn the Rhythm

Beat Boshi in the race on Yo'ster Isle.

First-Class Pirate

Find all of the clues in Sunken Ship.

Hidden Treasure Hunter [m]

Find and take the contents of every Surprise Box in the game.

Frog Coin Collector

Acquire 100 Frog Coins.

Flower Power Wizard

Acquire 99 Max FP.

The Ultimate Weapons!

Find the best weapon for each character.

Level 30

Have every one of your characters reach level 30.

Everything I Touch

Collect all 100 gold coins in a round of Midas River


Receive the Soprano Card from the composer, Toadofsky

Wiggler Frog Coin

Jump on a Wiggler until it gives up its green

Very Commendable!

Beat the Climb in Land's End in under 12 seconds to become a troopa

A Beetle's Heart

Grab a heart in the Beetle Mania game


Find all three of the 3 Musty Fear's flags and claim your reward

Luck or Skill

Force a Lucky battle reward using a lucky weapon

Shogun Sensei

Jump on a Shogun until it gives up its green

That Was Great!

Get the max reward of 4 frog coins on the Expert Sky Bridge course

It's Best to Turn Back Now [m]

Visit a part of Land's End early through Kero Sewers (Before knocking over barrel)


Have a nightmare at the Nimbus Inn and receive some drinks to blow the bad guys away

Guerrilla Kong

Use a timed Psychopath on a Guerrilla

Cookie to Cookie

Get a Muku cookie from a Mukumuku

Big Finale

Get the best Ending

Gold to Green

Turn in a Gold Beetle at Beetles Are Us for your reward

Unfair Fighting [m]

Defeat Johnny without engaging in a 1v1 fight with him

Tickle Torture [m]

Receive a boxed reward for not torturing the citizens of Seaside Town

Polishing Pecks [m]

Dodge all of Dodo's pecks and obtain his Feather

Open Belome

Give Belome the Key to his Temple for great rewards

Cleared the Castle

Collect the final reward from all 6 numbered doors in Bowser's Castle

Yoshi Juiced

Feed the fat Yoshi until he gives you a Yoshi Ade


Give Mushroom Boy a most excellent mushroom for a good reward


Refuse to take Princess Toadstool back to Mushroom Kingdom

Just the Tip

Get a big tip working as a bellhop at the Marrymore Inn (Flower Box).

A Hole's a Hole

Find and use a special Warp "Pipe" in Moleville

GENOcide [m]

Deal 9999 damage to Exor in a single attack

Total: 20pts.