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Legend of Zelda, The: The Minish Cap

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Genre: Action-adventure
Release date: November 4th, 2004
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Nintendo

List of achievements:

Unlocked June 30th, 2020 at 19:22
5pts. 5pts.


Obtain the Earth Element.

Unlocked July 2nd, 2020 at 19:16
5pts. 5pts.


Obtain the Fire Element

Unlocked June 30th, 2020 at 18:53
5pts. 5pts.

Gust Jar

Obtain the Gust Jar.

Unlocked July 2nd, 2020 at 18:33
5pts. 5pts.

Grip Ring

Obtain the Grip Ring.

Unlocked July 2nd, 2020 at 19:01
5pts. 5pts.

But I Can Walk Just Fine!

Obtain the Cane of Pacci.

Unlocked June 30th, 2020 at 18:24
5pts. 5pts.

A New Quest

Obtain the Broken Picori Blade.

Unlocked July 2nd, 2020 at 19:17
5pts. 5pts.

White Sword

Obtain the White Sword

Unlocked July 2nd, 2020 at 17:04
5pts. 5pts.

Don't Hurt Yourself

Obtain a Bomb Bag.

Unlocked June 30th, 2020 at 18:38
5pts. 5pts.


Obtain the Jabber Nut.

Unlocked July 2nd, 2020 at 18:22
1pts. 1pts.

Rupee Accumulator

Accumulate 100 Rupees

Unlocked July 2nd, 2020 at 17:13
5pts. 5pts.

Putting The Pieces Together

Assemble 4 Pieces of Heart.

Bested Gyorg Pair

Defeat the Gyorg Pair without taking damage


Obtain the Water Element


Obtain the Wind Element

Power Bracelets

Obtain the Power Bracelets

Going For A Swim

Obtain Flippers

Light It Up

Obtain the Lantern


Obtain the Graveyard Key and use it

White Sword 2

Infuse your sword with Earth and Fire elements

White Sword 3

Infuse your sword with the third element - Water

Four Sword

Infuse your sword with the fourth element - Wind

Wake Up

Obtain the Wake-Up Mushroom


Obtain the Mirror Shield

Bow Down

Obtain a Bow

It Doesn't Feel Lighter

Obtain Light Arrows

Where's The Boom?

Obtain a Boomerang

Magic Trick

Obtain the Magical Boomerang

Hyrulean Bestiary

Obtain the Library Book - A Hyrulean Bestiary

Legend of the Picori

Obtain the Library Book - Legend of the Picori

History of Masks

Obtain the Library Book - A History of Masks

Set Up Us The Bomb

Obtain a Remote Bomb

Dig Dug

Obtain Mole Mitts

I Can Fly!

Obtain Roc's Cape

Pegasus Boots

Obtain Pegasus Boots

Ocarina of Wind

Obtain the Ocarina of Wind

Lon Lon Ranch

Find and return the Lon Lon Ranch Key

Red Picolyte

Use a Red Picolyte to find a heart and refill your health

Orange Picolyte

Use an Orange Picolyte to find and bottle a fairy in your bottle

Yellow Picolyte

Use a Yellow Picolyte to find Rupees

Green Picolyte

Use a Green Picolyte to find a Mysterious Shell

Blue Picolyte

Use a Blue Picolyte to find Bombs or Arrows

White Picolyte

Use a White Picolyte for an increased chance of finding Kinstones

Din's Charm

Use Din's Charm for increased attack power

Farore's Charm

Use Farore's Charm for increased attack and defense power

Nayru's Charm

Use Nayru's Charm for increased defense power

Swordsman Newsletter

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Miracle Maker

Fuse at least 50 Kinstones

Tingle Trophy

Complete all Kinstone Fusions


Learn all 6 abilities speeding up various actions

Rupee Gatherer

Gather 300 Rupees


Complete the Hyrule Map and activate all Wind Crests

Rupee Collector

Collect 500 Rupees

Crouching Tiger

Obtain all Tiger Scrolls

Rupee Hoarder

Hoard 999 Rupees

Packing Heat

Fully upgrade your Quiver and Bomb Bag


Obtain all four Bottles

Stayin' Alive

Have 20 Heart Containers

Carlov Medal

Collect all 136 Figurines

Bested Big Green Chuchu

Defeat the Big Green Chuchu without taking damage


Restore peace to Hyrule with only 3 Heart Containers

Bested Gleerok

Defeat Gleerok without taking damage

Hero of Hyrule

Restore peace to Hyrule

Bested Mazaal

Defeat Mazaal without taking damage


Win 270 Rupees or more at the Chest Mini-Game Shop

Bested Big Blue Chuchu

Defeat the Big Blue Chuchu without taking damage

Bested Big Octorok

Defeat the Big Octorok without taking damage

Bested Vaati

Defeat Vaati without taking damage

Total: 102pts.