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Platform: Steam

Genre: Action/Adventure/Indie/RPG
Release date: March 4th, 2021
Developer: Chris Nordgren/Jordi Roca
Publisher: Foreign Gnomes/Surefire.Games

List of achievements:

Unlocked October 28th, 2021 at 11:24

First Absolute Truth


Do 1000 jump rolls.


Do 5000 jump rolls.

What can it be??

Gift Note

Apocalypse Note

Hierarchy Note

The End

Second Absolute Truth

Last Absolute Truth

Secret Absolute Truth

Hasta La Vista Baby


You Monster


Bad Luck

Taking It Slow, Smell The Flowers

Non Inflammatory

Quantum Battle

Red Encounter

Quest Complete

Everyone Is Dead

Nature loves the fierce and bold

Killing A God

Classic Videogame Master

A long road, eh?

Adventure Continues

No Hit Frog

No Hit ATM

No Hit Trash Can

No Hit Zigg

No Hit Incinerator Part 1

No Hit Incinerator Part 2

No Hit Post Mortem

No Hit Gnome

No Hit Green Mage


No Hit Masterpiece

No Hit Quantum Battle

No Hit Spooky Minecart

No Hit Flan And Muck

No Hit Maze Monster

No Hit Goblin

No Hit Dark Knight

No Hit Chaos Machine VI

No Hit Evil Wizard

No Hit Knight Lost-a-lot

No Hit Zob The Zombie

No Hit Rob Former World Champion

No Hit Purple Mage

No Hit Gold Pig

No Hit Rasta Beast

No Hit Vampire

No Hit Hand Cursor

No Hit Higher Beings

No Hit Brown Slim Mushroom

No Hit Lost Spirit's Revenge

No Hit Universe

No Hit Cat God

No Hit Light Being

No Hit Shopkeeper

No Hit Green Mage Duel

No Hit Dev Gnomes

No Hit Jump Rope

No Hit Frog's Wrath

No Hit Rasta's Sparring Battle

No Hit White Rabbit


Do 10 000 jump rolls.


Do 50 000 jump rolls.


Do 150 000 jump rolls.

Is there an end...?

Turn up the heat.

No Hit Forest Spirit


No Hit Rob & Zob's Tag Battle

No Hit Flan Monster

No Hit Farewell Battle

No Hit Frog 2

Total: 5pts.