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Platform: Steam

Genre: Indie/Simulation/Strategy
Release date: May 10th, 2020
Developer: Plethora-Project LLC
Publisher: Devolver Digital

List of achievements:

Unlocked April 19th, 2020 at 23:14

Chapter 1

Complete Chapter 1 of Story Mode.

Basic Tutorials

Complete all basic tutorials

Intermediate Tutorials

Complete all intermediate tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

Complete advanced tutorials

Expert Tutorials

Complete all expert tutorials

Tutorial Master

Complete all tutorials

Easy Challenges

Complete all easy challenges

Intermediate Challenges

Complete all intermediate challenges

Advanced Challenges

Complete all advanced challenges

Challenge Master

Complete all challenges

Challenge and Tutorials

Complete all challenges and all tutorials


Build more than 100 blocks


Build more than 500 blocks

Master builder

Build more than 1000 blocks


Generate 10.000 units of water.


Generate 10.000 units of money.

Electric sheep

Generate 10.000 units of electricity.


Generate 10.000 units of fresh air.


Generate 5.000 units of knowledge.

Beer Master

Generate 5.000 units of beer.

Chapter 2

Complete Chapter 2 of Story Mode.

Chapter 3

Complete Chapter 3 of Story Mode.

Chapter 4

Complete Chapter 4 of Story Mode.

Chapter 5

Complete Chapter 5 of Story Mode.


Reach 1000 Money and 1000 Risk.

Complete All Levels

All Levels Completed.

People 1

Have 10 people in your 'Hood.

People 2

Have 25 people in your 'Hood.

People 3

Have 50 people in your 'Hood.

Animals 1

Have 10 animals in your 'Hood.

Animals 2

Have 25 animals in your 'Hood.

Animals 3

Have 50 animals in your 'Hood.

Symbiosis 1

Have 10 people and 10 animals in your 'Hood.

Symbiosis 2

Have 25 people and 25 animals in your 'Hood.

Symbiosis 3

Have 50 people and 50 animals in your 'Hood.

Complete Decay

Have a completely decayed 'hood.

Indecisive 1

Destroy 100 Blocks

Indecisive 2

Destroy 500 Blocks

Indecisive 3

Destroy 1000 Blocks

Total: 10pts.